Best Airbrush Kits – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Airbrushing is a fantastic method to use in a variety of tasks such as graphic design, precise detail work on scale models to crafting and home decor. You can buy all the items needed for airbrushing separately but it is easier and sometimes cheaper to buy a kit.

Buying an airbrush kit as a beginner needn’t be a scary prospect. With a few helpful tips and ideas on what to buy, you will surely find a kit to suit your needs and budget.

Here I will talk about what is included in an airbrush kit, what to look for and my picks for the best airbrush kits for beginners you can currently buy.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the Best Airbrush Kits For Beginners On the Market

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Here’s what we talk about:

Buyer’s Tips: Key Considerations

What is in a kit? The actual products included in kits varies depending on what type of kit you buy and how much you spend. Here is a list of the various items you might find in kits.

  • The airbrush is the main item in which you will handle with glee and care
  • A compressor which connects to the airbrush and also the mains plug
  • Hose which connects to the airbrush and compressor
  • Nozzles to put onto airbrush
  • Stands to place airbrush, these can be for cleaning

What to Look For?

As a beginner always buy a kit whose airbrush is easy to clean! This can be a messy task, especially when starting out. Buying a kit that includes easy to follow instructions can really help a beginner to learn the ropes. Buy a kit which has good reviews, don’t think spending a fortune will get you the best.

Best Airbrush Kits For Beginners – Product Round-up and Reviews

1. Master Airbrush G233

Master Airbrush Master Performance G233 Pro Set with 3 Nozzle Sets (0.2, 0.3 & 0.5mm Needles, Fluid Tips and Air Caps) and Air Hose - Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with 1/3 oz Cup, Cutaway Handle

You can pretty much guess with a name like Master Airbrush they would be a pretty well-known brand. The G233 set comes in a hardcover case easy to carry around, three separate nozzles for various spray patterns and a six-foot hose.

The knob control is entirely fluid, allowing any beginner to learn quickly how to control the flow of paint. The handle cuts away easily enough which allows for very quick cleaning. This is the cheapest pick for my airbrush kits.

  • ​Well known and trusted brand
  • Easy cleaning and easy to use
  • Great price, cheaper than others
  • ​Not a great variety in nozzle sizes
  • Instruction video may still be needed
  • Does not come with a compressor

Let’s take a look at this product…

2. Abest Dual Action Kit

ABEST Dual Action Airbrush Compressor Complete kit for Cake Making Toy Hobby Models

This airbrush kit is aimed towards the complete beginner who wishes to have a play around before moving onto something more serious. It comes with everything needed, including a small compressor along with a mini airbrush.

This kit is ideal for the crafter who paints small models and needs the precise details covered with smaller nozzles.

  • ​​Comes with a compressor
  • Small nozzles for painting detailed pieces
  • Built-in heat protection; great for children to handle
  • ​​Slightly more expensive that the Master Airbrush
  • Only one nozzle included
  • Very small and limited to what it can do

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3. Iwata HP CS Eclipse

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Airbrush Set with Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Tank Compressor System Kit, 12 Color Acrylic Airbrush Paint Artist Set, Hose, Holder, Cleaning Pot, Mixing Cups, How-to Guide

Bear with me on this one as you look at the price tag. Some beginners have the cash to splash and want to go full out in their new hobby. This is the kit for those lucky people.

The Iwata provides a full on set which is ideal for any beginner wishing to start off with everything they could possibly need in their airbrushing tasks.

  • ​​​Great brand and product
  • So much stuff! Geeks will love unwrapping everything
  • Clean and easy to use
  • ​Expensive!
  • So much stuff! Beginners might get overwhelmed

Let’s take a look at this product…

4. Paasche H-100D

Paasche H-100D Single Action Airbrush & Compressor Package

This set is half the price of the Iwata but you still get a decent amount in the kit. The single-action airbrush is perfect for getting the finer detail on models but also can be used for larger creations such as home decor.

This set comes with a compressor that can deliver around 20-30 PSI depending on the spray head being used. This kit is especially useful for beginners as it comes with a 7 brush cleaning set, easy and thorough.

  • ​​​​Half the price of the Iwata
  • Great for cleaning
  • Easy and simple to use
  • ​​Not as many products included as the Iwata
  • Still expensive

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5. Badger Airbrush Co 105 Patriot

Badger Air-Brush Co. 105 Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush

An extremely easy airbrush to operate and clean, the Badger Patriot is made with beginners in mind. This kit is considerably cheaper than the Iwata and the Paasche but still more than the others.

This only comes with the airbrush and one nozzle included, however, the actual airbrush is probably the finest one out of the picks. No compressor or other kit included but the quality of the main item is what you’re paying for here.

  • ​​​​​Extremely easy for beginners to pick up and use
  • Easy to clean
  • Great action for all tasks
  • ​​​Expensive considering you only get the airbrush

Let’s take a look at this product…

So, Which Should I Buy?

I would say if you have the extra money around to start airbrushing, you can’t go wrong with the Iwata. It’s a complete set that is easy to use and perfect for any airbrushing needs.

Overall my winner for the best airbrush kit for beginners would have to be the Master Airbrush. A great price, easy to use, clean; the perfect kit for beginners to have a play with. Buy a small, cheap compressor and away you go!