Best Candle Making Kits – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Love the fresh smell from candles emanating from each room of the house? Fed up of paying the prices for this luxury and want to give it a go yourself? Feeling a bit crafty?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place! Here I will discuss the best candle making kits for beginners that you can buy.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Candle Making Kits On the Market

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

Best Candle Making Kits For Beginners – Product Round-up & Reviews

1. DIY Natural Soy

DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies, DIY Candle Making Set for Scented Candles Art and Craft Supplies with Bee Wax Bags, Fragrance Oils, Candle Tins, Melting Pot and More

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For a lighter scent, you can’t go wrong with this natural soy set. Its fragrances include rainwater, lily, jasmine, vanilla beans, and Sandalwood. This set comes with enough soy wax flakes to make 7 candles, one to put in an 8 oz mason jar which is included. The detailed instructions are good for any beginner and would make a fantastic activity for the whole family.


  • Natural soy ingredients
  • Fresh fragrances
  • Mason jar included


  • Little more expensive than other kits
  • Soy flakes are slightly different to use than normal wax

2. Rachel’s Art Candle Making Kit

Rachels Art Candle Making Kit- Create Your Own Unique Candles with 5 Bags of Colored Wax

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This is my pick for those candle enthusiasts wishing for a budget option. Rachel’s kit is also a great option for children wanting to embrace their crafty side. This nifty kit allows you to design your own candles with 5 bags of colored wax, 3 wicks and 3 containers. The instruction booklet given allows anyone to pick up this kit and get started straight away; easy to follow!


  • Very cheap
  • Any design possible
  • Wonderful for beginners and children alike


  • Very basic, might be better just for kids
  • Only 3 candles, other kits can do more

3. Essential Oils Candle Kit

DIY Gift Kits Soy Candle Making Kit for Adults (49-Piece Set) DIY Starter Kit w/ Wax, Wicks, Tin Containers, Natural Essential Oils, Color Sticks | Creates Colorful, Large Candles

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This kit is priced roughly the same as the others but you only get enough materials for two candles. You may instantly brush this one off, but don’t. You may get less quantity but quality-wise you’re getting the better deal. This kit has a lavender fragrance and comes with all-natural ingredients. The Simply Earth brand stands behind their products as being environmentally friendly and some of the profits go to charity. The recipe card may be a little hard for children to follow on their own, therefore they will need adult supervision. This is the perfect present for anyone wanting a beginner candle kit where you can truly feel the quality.


  • Excellent materials
  • Fragrance is beautiful
  • Average price


  • Only two candles
  • Instructions a bit hard for kids to follow

4. Soy Candle Making Kit

Soy Candle Making Kit

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Another Soy wax product in the mix, but this beginners kit comes with a lot. It is the most expensive pick on the list but with good reason. There are enough materials included to make 12, 8oz candle jars which is a lot more than the other kits here. I particularly like the instructions included as they are detailed and include photographs which makes the task simple for beginners. The fragrances included are quite different to any others included on this list; for example mango and banana, red pineapple and agave nectar.


  • Love the fragrances
  • Makes a lot of candles
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Most expensive on the list
  • Fragrances are a bit wild! Some may prefer the more natural types

5. Palm Wax Candle Making Kit

Palm Wax Candle Making Kit

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This beginner kit has enough Palm Wax included to make 8 candles. The price is slightly lower than the Soy Candle Kit and is roughly of the same quality. It just depends on which wax you would prefer to use when making a candle. There are simple instructions with photographs, even smaller children could understand how to use this kit which I love, a proper family activity.


  • Good quality palm wax
  • Enough to make 8 candles
  • Simple instructions for beginners


  • Expensive
  • For a few pounds more the Soy kit can make more


All 5 on my list are great candle making kits that any beginner crafter would be happy to buy. Which kit you buy depends on whether you want something a little more fancy or whether children are involved. Then I would suggest the Soy Candle Making Kit and Rachel’s candles respectively.

Overall, I would say my winner for the best candle making kit for beginners would be the DIY Natural Soy. It’s the middle-priced option, it makes a fair few candles, it includes a mason jar and the instructions are easy to follow. Out of the 5, this would be my pick for the best!