Best Candle Molds – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you’ve read a step by step guide on how to make candle molds, you’ve already passed an important milestone. Knowing how to use candle molds is pretty useful before going out and buying any. If you’re already ahead of the game, well done, read ahead for some useful tricks and tips and my picks for the best candle molds around. Candle molds are handy little items that increase the fun of candle making.

You can get loads of amazing designs. Think candles have to be the normal circular shape? Think again, you can go all sorts of shapes, designs and patterns. I’ve even seen a candle mold in the shape of a Dalek; a great gift for lovers of the Time Lord!

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Candle Molds On the Market

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Tips and Tricks

Mold sealer

You can choose between a few mold sealers. There’s the putty, snap off magnetic or the rubber mold plugs. All are relatively easy to remove, simply peel them off the bottom of the mold. My personal favorite is the putty type; it can be used on all materials, is cheap and the easiest to pull off.


Wondering what type of material is best for your candle mold? You can get glass, plastic, rubber, stainless steel and silicone rubber. A lot of people tend to prefer the silicone molds as they are easy to remove and clean.

Best Tips

  • Let the wax cool completely. This way there shouldn’t be little bits of wax stuck on the mold. No matter what mold you pick, this is a key tip for all.
  • Give a gentle tap to the bottom of the mold. This should get rid of some air bubbles in the wax, giving a much smoother finish. Again, all molds need this handy tip.
  • Careful of costs. You can pay really cheap for molds, but be aware that some companies will charge little because of below standard material. Always check reviews first.

Now you have more information going around your head; here are my picks for the best candle molds out there.

Best Candle Molds


This Gooday mold can be used for candles and soaps alike. It is a mold for those who love the idea of cute designs on their candles. The 3D mold is made from silicone material. It has rippling edges which look like a hive and an insert within the mold which comes out in the shape of a bee. This would be the perfect mold for bee lovers or those wishing to make a handmade gift for someone. Your finished product will measure in at just under 2 inches tall and wide; and, can be used in temperatures up to 446℉.

Bee Candle Molds, Silicone Bee Molds 3D Beehive Soap Molds Handmade Bee Wax Molds for Candle Soap Making Lotion Bar Fondant Chocolate Candy Cake Decorating Polymer Fimo Clay
  • MaterialBee candle molds made of food grade silicone, tasteless, non-toxic, dust resistant, reusable, and long time use
  • Size: Silicone bee soap molds measures is approx 5cm/1.97"tall, 5.8cm/2.28 inch OD, 3.8cm/1.50" ID, finished soap mold 3D is approx 4.6cm/1.8 inches tall, 1.3 ounces
  • Feature: Beehive soap molds is high temperature resistant, temperature range from -40 to 200 degrees celsius, oven safe as well as microwave and freezer
  • Easy Use: Flexible silicone candle making mold is easy to release, non-stick,just simply push from the bottom and then pull out the candle after it drys completely, very easy to use and clean
  • Application: Bee wax candle molds can be soap mold, candle mold, cake, chocolate, candy, baking, ice cube, resin mold or used for ther diy craft projects, very versatile


If you make candles professionally (or sell as a side gig), you need a few good quality molds on hand. Candlewic provides 6 identical molds for a fairly reasonable price. The 6 molds produce pillar candles, with no designs on the inside. With no seams to trim and a pretty good mold release, these are top notch. If you need a constant stream of candles, these are a good bet. Each mold measures roughly 6.5” tall. They are all made from aluminum and have an easy access wick hole at the bottom. They are pretty solid and have a sidewall thickness of 0.4 inches. A set for those who need stability and durability.

Candlewic 6pk of 3 x 6. 5" Aluminum Candle Mold
  • Durable, one-piece, seamless candle molds with sidewall thickness of. 04 inches.
  • Produces an excellent pillar candle
  • No seams to trim and perfect mold release
  • The molds have an easy access wick hole on the bottom of the mold
  • Made in the usa


This awesome mold has a whole bunch of positives to smile about. It comes in a silicone mold which lays flat; it looks a lot like an ice cube tray. Only instead of cubes, you get flowers! The elegant flower design is brilliant for any crafters out there who want to add flair to their candles. There are 6 flower designs, each one slightly different than the other. Each mold measures up to roughly 2.7×2.1 inches. X-Haibei produce other quality molds with various designs. I’m putting this set on purely for my personal preference; but check out some others as well.

X-Haibei Elegant Mixed Tulip Daisy Flower Soap Silicone Mold for Muffin Candle Craft
  • Quantity:1 mould
  • silicone (FDA standard)
  • Net,weight(gram):110g(3.89oz)
  • Color:ITEM COLR RANDOMLY SENT(possibly not the same color as pictures),if you dont accept that,please contact us before you bid it.Thank you.
  • whole size:10.1x6.7 inch,each cavity dimension is approx. 2.7x2x1 inch.


Considering this is probably the most interesting looking mold, it’s fairly well priced. I love the Doyolla molds. They are multi faceted, so when the candle comes out, it looks pretty awesome. They can be used for a variety of other tasks which makes them handy to have for any crafter. As a candle mold, it is extremely easy to get the candle out. It’s smooth walls are perfect for the wax, creating a blemish free candle (hopefully). Made of clear silicone, it is flexible, hard to tear and durable. All three candles measure between 6-7 cm tall. The only negative about these molds are their short working life. Even though they might not last as long as other candle molds, the higher quality surely makes up for it.

DOYOLLA 3 Clear Large Multi-Faceted Diamond Stone Jewelry Moulds DIY Spherical Silicone Transparent Round Molds Making Tool for Polymer Clay, Crafting, Resin Epoxy, Jewelry Making
  • Made of Soft silicone material, Flexible, resistant to tearing, durable in use.
  • EASY TO RELEASE: Perfect tools for your DIY resin craft projects; each has smooth interior, you can release the DIY jewelry easily, just twist it and it come out immediately
  • DIY tips:you can add dry flowers, pearl pigment, mica powder, glow in the dark powder, glitter and sequins inside to make your diy jewelry colorful and attractive
  • Nice and perfect for handmade gift crafting, you friends and family will love it so
  • Feel Free to contact us if there is any problems with your order, refund or replacement will be issued without questions

Candle Shop

The price might seem a bit high considering you only get one mold. However, this triangular 3D mold is extraordinarily durable. This will last a lifetime. One more time: this will last a lifetime. Made of engineered plastic, it is resistant to temperatures from -4 to 248℉. The candle molds are excellent when used with paraffin, wax and beeswax. The Candle Shop mold size here is 6.3 inches high and 2.7 inches wide. This set also very handily comes with 30 ft of wick. This mold is perfect for those who produce candles for shops or craft fayres. You will get a quality finish with this mold.

Pyramid Mold - Height: 6.3 in, Width: 2.7 in - 30 ft. of Wick Included as a Gift - Plastic Candle molds for Candle Making
  • PYRAMID CANDLE MOLD: The pyramid candle mold is constructed of a core part and a lid and can be used for paraffin, wax and beeswax candle making.
  • CUSTOM SHAPED MOLD: The mold shape is made at our customers requests, which makes it one of the most popular in the variety of forms.
  • CANDLE MOLDS SET: Plastic candle mold is made of an engineered plastic which can withstand frequent usage due to its resistance to high and low temperatures.
  • CANDLE MAKING MOLD: The mold is 6.3 inches high and 2.7 inches in diameter. Weight of the finished candle is approximately 5.1 oz., depending on the wax used in the process.
  • CANDLE MOLD KIT: If you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange it for a different one, or get a refund.


Buying a candle mold doesn’t have to cost the bank, but you shouldn’t go really cheap. All of the molds listed here vary in terms of price. But you can be sure, every one of them will do you proud. Whether you want a fancy bee design or simple pillar candles, you can find a mold for you. Overall, I would say my personal favorite candle mold would be the Doyolla. Its design fascinates me. Yes, it costs a bit more and doesn’t last as long as the others. But, it is simply too awesome not to buy.

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