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Best Craft Knives For Paper Cutting – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Have you ever used an old kitchen knife in your craftwork and found it just wouldn’t work with paper cutting? This may be because you need a proper craft knife in order to get a clean and precise cut on your precious creations.

Using any old knife will in time damage and blunt the knife you are cutting with and more importantly, may affect your crafting project.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the Best Craft Knives For Paper Cutting on the Market

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Buyer’s Tips: Finding the Best Knive for Paper Cutting

This isn’t like buying posh kitchen knives, a craft knife doesn’t have to cost too much. What should you look for?

Safety – Any type of safety grip is useful for sharp knives

Blade – Very thin, very sharp is always best

Grip – Something comfortable to hold is useful

Type – Cartridge or pen? For paper cutting and scoring, the cartridge pen is more popular

You should also consider getting a self-healing mat. A craft knife does not need to be pressed upon hard, but even a smaller cut can ruin your lovely wooden table.

Best Craft Knives – Product Round-up and Reviews


X-ACTO Craft Tools #1 Knife With Safety Cap, Pink

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This crafting knife has a precise blade that others simply can not compare. The ergonomic handle gives comfort to the user, allowing for longer use without getting hand cramps. The rear blade release along with a safety cap means this knife is one of the safest out there; a great product for any crafters out there with children in the house.


  • Safety features are great
  • Good blade
  • Ergonomic handle


  • More expensive than some on the list

Let’s take a look at this product…

Olfa Craft Knife

Olfa Craft Kife L size 34B

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The Olfa is a useful knife to keep in your toolbox for a variety of tasks, paper cutting being one of them. Considering it is one of the cheapest of my picks, Olfa are a respectable brand that has created a budget knife that actually does the job well. It isn’t as precise as some of the more expensive knives, but it will still get the job done as a cartridge knife.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Handles paper cutting well


  • Cheaper materials used
  • No safety features
  • Not as precise as more expensive knives

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Mont Marte Hobby Knife Set

Mont Marte Hobby Knife Set SK5 Blades 13pce

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The Mont Marte set is more expensive than the others on this list, but you do get a whole lot more for the price. Included here are 13 blade tips to suit any hobby cutting, trimming, chiseling, carving and of course, paper cutting. The set comes in a nice case with a magnetic strip to keep all the blades safe. Also included are three separate handles, each for various heavy or light uses while cutting.


  • Various blades with some that are great for paper cutting
  • Thin and precise blades
  • Great price for the amount you get


  • Only a few blades are good for paper cutting
  • Not as well made as some other picks on the list

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Fiskars Heavy Duty Hobby Knife

Fiskars 167110-1001 Heavy Duty Die Cast Craft Knife, 8 Inch,Orange

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Fiskars are a reputable brand in the world of crafting, here they have produced a very cheap and heavy-duty blade which is wonderful for intricate paper cutting. The soft grip touch is great for when you have to use the knife for a long time. There is a safety cap that protects the blade and any unfortunate cuts to yourself! Replacing the blade on this knife is easy, it literally takes seconds.


  • Cheap
  • Takes blades from different brands
  • Best knife for intricate work


  • Long handle for smaller hands
  • May have to replace blades more often than others

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NT Cutter Craft Knife

NT Cutter Cushioned Grip Swivel Craft Knife, 1 Knife (SW-600GP)

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This die-cast aluminum knife is the perfect companion to any paper cutting crafter out there. It’s a little more expensive than some of the others on this list but it is reliable and very precise when cutting paper. It has an anti-slip grip and 5 blades included in the price, with the blade being fairly light in itself.


  • Excellent paper cutting knife
  • Made of strong materials
  • Some safety features


  • More expensive than others on the list
  • A light knife, some crafters prefer a weight in their hands

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Most of the picks on my list are roughly the same price, a few dollars away from each other. Sometimes you are paying for a known brand such as the Olfa or Fiskars; you know they are reliable and respected. If you have a little more money to spend and would like to try out a variety of blades, the Mont Marte set might be for you.

Overall, my winner for the best craft knife for paper cutting has to go to the X-Acto. The feel of the knife in the hand is perfect when cutting paper. Its precision is second to none, the safety cap allows for use in a big household and you aren’t paying much more than you would for the others on the list.

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