Best Laser Cutter Engravers – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Laser engraving machines can be used for a variety of tasks. From putting the address on a dog tag to artwork designs, laser machines can simplify a bunch of jobs.

Can’t you just use manual tools? Well, while it is possible, freestyling on metal is a task of times gone by. Laser engraving is quicker, safer and a lot less hassle. Anyone who has the basics of using a computer can manage laser engraving.

Now, thanks to some modern machinery it can be a hobby anyone can take up. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes, or a hardened veteran, we’ll show you some of the best laser engraving machines for metal.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the Best Laser Engraving Machines For Metal On the Market

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Buyer’s Guide – Key Considerations

Support: Well known brands are more likely to have a whole heap of technical support behind them. If you get stuck, or the machine breaks, it’s handy to know you have the support available.

Size and Power: The size of the machine bed is important. Are you only going to make small pieces of jewelry and tags? You don’t exactly need a behemoth. However bigger products or multiple smaller pieces will need a larger bed. The power needed for your products will also depend on what you want. Higher wattage will allow for quicker and more accurate engraving.

Budget: This is usually the biggest factor for most people. You don’t need to spend loads to get a good quality laser machine. Do the research, check reviews and make sure you’re not being swindled.

Best Laser Engraving Machine – Product Round-up and Reviews


MYSWEETY DIY CNC Router Kits 1610 GRBL Control Wood Carving Milling Engraving Machine (Working Area 16x10x4.5cm, 3 Axis, 110V-240V), with ER11 and 5mm Extension Rod

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When reading up on this machine, don’t get distracted by the sheer amount of numbers presented to you. It will only give you a headache. The important bits to take away is the bed size; 160 x 100 x 45mm. Take this and figure out if it will be big enough for your projects.

The machine works with several Windows programs, sorry Apple users. The actual interface may be a bit tricky for pure beginners to get to grips with. Any previous laser machine engravers will take to this easily though.

The CNC has a fairly accurate laser that can engrave metal to a good standard. The price is ideal, a cheaper little number which should put a smile on any engraver’s face. You can pay into the thousands for engraving machines, which are usually only bought by professionals or lucky rich people. The CNC is for the average hobbyist who wants to try out a new skill.


Superland 30W Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine Portable Desktop Laser Engraver Fiber Engraving and Etching System for Permanent Metal Parts Marking and Engraving 150mmx150 mm (30W 5.9x5.9 Inch)

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We’re going up in price, but at least it’s in style! The Superland machine has a spot on laser engraving system which makes any project easy to do. The bed size and service life is roughly the same as the Ten-high. However, the advanced optical fiber laser friendly environment system, makes this the superior item. The large area cooling holes improve efficiency, and the applications for this machine seem to be endless.

Power outage is increased, Windows support is great, flexible processing directions and multiple file formats. These are some of the advantages you get when buying the Superland. The laser accuracy itself is superb. You can’t really go wrong with this system. You just need the bank balance to match.


Triumph 30w Fiber Laser Marking deep Engraving Machine Metal polymers Parts Marker Engraver Rotary jewllery Silver Cutting Firearms 110x110 and 200x200mm Lens

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Ok readers, here it is. The Triumph of laser engraving machines for metal. The Mac Daddy on the list, the behemoth, the… ok, you get the idea. The Triumph is certainly the machine to go for if you want the most accurate engraving possible. It’s simple to use, its easy to set up and get going. The laser is powerful and works like a charm. Where’s the catch? It’s pretty damn expensive.

Professionals who need the best of the best would buy this machine. Its excellent beam quality, quick speed, and stability make it the best machine on this list. There are too many numbers and figures to spout out about this machine. The best thing to do is read up for yourself the sheer magnitude of how wonderful this machine is.

The Triumph is for serious engravers of metal or the lucky few who are rich enough to spend loads on their hobbies. Whatever the case, this is the best laser engraving machine for metal.


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