Best Whittling Knives for Wood Carving- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Wood carving is a relaxing hobby that can be taken up easily. It takes time, practice and a little skill. The most important tool you use in wood carving is ...

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Written by Ged Richardson

Wood carving is a relaxing hobby that can be taken up easily. It takes time, practice and a little skill. The most important tool you use in wood carving is of course, the knife. If you’re looking to buy a new knife, keep reading. If you have no idea about wood carving and stumbled here by accident, oh well keep reading. You might see something you like.

Here, we will discuss wood carving tips, information and my picks for the best wood carving knives you can buy.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Wood Carving Knife On the Market

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Buyer’s Tips: Key Considerations

  • Wood carving is a time-consuming hobby if you make it so. You can put in as many hours as you want, depending on the project size you’re after. Know how many hours you’re putting into this, before buying anything. You might only need a cheap knife if you’re a fairweather carver.  
  • ​​Size. Everybody is different, we come in all sizes. A massive knife may be hard to handle for someone with a small grip. Whereas a person with huge hands may find a tiny knife too fiddly. Know how much you can handle. 
  • Cost. Keep within your budget, wood carving can be as expensive or cheap as you make it. You could spend a few dollars and receive hours of fun, by putting detail into a piece. Or, you could spend over a hundred on a knife and get bored by a larger product. Keep in mind how much you’re spending and how much time you actually want to put into the hobby.

Best Wood Carving Knife – Product Round-up & Reviews


Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor Edge Blade Folding Knife with Rose Pakka Handle, 2-Inch

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Other than its pretty awesome name, the Fury carving knife is the cheaper option. This knife will suit nearly all budgets and is the perfect knife for a beginner. With a RosePakka handle with stainless steel pins, the Fury is a good looking knife. Anyone will be impressed as you take this out your pocket. Yes, pocket. This is a folding knife which makes it easily portable.

The Fury has a razor blade edge, perfect for carving smaller pieces of wood. It is a great whittling knife, which can be used to shave away at annoying splinters. When folded, the knife fits beautifully in the palm of your hand.


BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife C4 3.14' Wood Carving Sloyd Knife for Whittling and Roughing for beginners and profi - Durable High carbon steel - Spoon Carving Tools - Thin Wood Working Whittling Knife

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BeaverCraft have produced the ideal knife for whittling. It can also be used for roughing, making it a versatile tool. This knife has been designed for wood carving in mind; the tip is thin, ideal for delicate work. Whereas the rounded part of the blade can cut into hollow areas and make slicing cuts.

The blade is made from carbon steel, it’s durable and will last a good amount of time. Useful for beginners unused to carving and who make mistakes. The edge is sharp enough to cut both softwoods and hardwoods. The hardwood oak handle is an ergonomic design, allowing you to whittle away for hours without getting sore. Price isn’t too bad, ideal for beginners or those needing a replacement knife.


FLEXCUT Roughing Knife, High Carbon Steel Blade, Ash Handle, 1-3/4 inch Blade Bevel Length, (KN14)

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This carbon steel blade has been designed to cope with your roughing needs. The blade only measures in at 1 ¾ inches, but it will do the job right! The ash hardwood handle is ergonomic, you can really dig into the wood without your hand getting sore. Flexcut has a good reputation for producing carving tools, so you know you’re getting a quality product.


Morakniv Wood Carving Knife 120

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If you search for best carving knives, you will always come across the Morakniv (or Mora) brand. They are a huge maker of woodworking tools. This particular carving knife has a laminated steel blade that measures 2.4 inches. The oiled birch wood handle feels good to hold and will last a decent amount of time. This is a great carving, whittling knife for smaller pieces of wood. It fits into the hand nicely and comes with its own fancy-looking sheath. It can be expensive and is recommended to those used to wood carving.

Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro

Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro, with Roughing Knife, Detail Knife and Mini-Cutting Knife, Aluminum and Cherry Inlay Pistol Grip, (JKN95)

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We’ve had the budget option knives. Now comes the fancy knife. Flexcut makes another appearance on the list, but for a good reason. The Tri-Jack Pro reminds me strongly of a Swiss army knife. It has the look of one, but each knife is designed for wood carving. The three different blades are used for roughing, detailing and mini cutting. This folding knife is perfect for any wood carvers who travel; it fits easily inside of pockets and can be thrown into any bag.

The handle is a pistol-grip design and is made from aluminum with a cherry inlay. It is expensive, almost 10 times the price of the cheapest on this list. However, it is a high-quality item that can be used by anyone.

So, Which Should I Buy?

What knife you buy depends on your skill level and budget. Are you a complete novice, just getting into wood carving? Buying the Fury is a sensible bet. Do you already love wood carving and want a quality knife? The Morakniv is always a good option.

My overall pick for the best wood carving knife goes to the Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro. Yes, it’s expensive, but I love its folding design. I love its portability, its Swiss army like action and that each blade is designed for a different purpose. It is a worthwhile purchase that will make any woodcarver happy.