Best Wood Burning Tool – Buyer’s Guide, Advice & Reviews

If you’re interested in woodburning, then you’ll need to get your hands on something called a ‘pyrography pen’ or a ‘wood-burning tool’.

These are pen-shaped but work more like a soldering iron.

Pyrography pens will always have a handle, a heating element and a heated tip to draw with. However, some models also have a transformer that can change and monitor the temperature for extra precision.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into which is the best wood burning tool according to your needs and budget.

At a Glance – Our Recommendations for the Best Wood Burning Tool on the Market

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Types of Wood Burning Tools


Craft Style burners come with larger, pen-shaped grips, so you can hold the device a little more firmly as you draw. Additionally, they include a wider tip that’s often constructed from copper or brass which is preset to a specific temperature. Some designs have a heat shield, which stops your hand from getting torched whilst you work.

The downside is that craft-style tools are often too wide in the nib to perform intricate work, so they work best in larger pieces of art. The tips also hold heat for longer and can take nearly ten minutes to cool down, which can be frustrating.


These are mostly used by pros seeing as they provide varied temperature control for artistic versatility. As well as this, their handles are small, which allows for more intricate movement and precision once you’ve got the hang of it. The wire itself is composed of dual elements, so it cools quickly, taking just over a minute. The downside is that beginners often find them a little fiddly to master right away.

Types of Pen Tips

Universal Tip

Universal tips have a sharp, pointed edge that is angled. This makes it possible to burn a variety of designs depending on how you hold the pen. For example, you can hold it vertically to draw thin lines, and at an angle to form medium-wide lines.

Flow Tip

Flow tips are round and smooth, which means the wood burner can glide across the wood material without creating rough patches. This design also makes it easier to change direction or to form dot patterns and swirls. The downside is that flow tips aren’t great at drawing detail.

Calligraphy Tip

For pyrographic calligraphy, you’ll need specialized calligraphy tips. These tips are similar to universal tips but without the angled edge. The shape of the tip lets you draw stylish fonts as well as thin and thick lines for gorgeous calligraphy (the sort you find in calligraphy kits).

Buyer’s Guide – Key Considerations Before You Buy


No matter whether you’re a pro or a novice, you’ll likely be spending a fair amount of time using your wood burner, so comfort is important. For this reason, you’ll need to make sure your device is lightweight and has a small handle, to draw detail without any hassle.

Adjustable Pen Tips

Beginners are best starting off with fixed pen nibs seeing as they heat up quickly and offer uniform drawing style. On the other hand, folks with more experience will probably need to create more diverse designs, so you should use interchangeable tips to create different effects.

Speed of Heating

It’s best to look for wood burning tools that can heat up within 2-3 minutes if you don’t want to get bored whilst waiting to start your project. Using a quick heating device is also important if you’re going to use a variety of interchangeable nibs for different effects.

Temperature Control

Wood burning tools come with either pre-set temperature gauges or variable temperature designs. Variable temperature models will give you more flexibility, but require extra attention to ensure they are set properly.

Fixed-temperature burners are easier to use but don’t offer as much versatility. Beginners are usually best off starting with a fixed model, then progressing on to variable-temperature burners when they feel more confident at drawing.


Generally low-powered wood burners are used for fine detail, whereas high-powered versions heat up faster, but can leave unattractive black marks on the wood if you’re not very quick at drawing.

Product Round-up and Reviews – Best Wood Burning Tool

Drtulz 56PCS

Wood Burning Kit, Wood Burning Tool with Adjustable Temperature 200~450°C, Professional Pyrography Pen for Embossing Carving Soldering DIY-108PCS

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Drtulz’s Wood Burning Kit comes with lots of handy extras considering the affordable price tag. In particular, we liked how the pen doubles up as a soldering gun and that the kit includes 28 different wood burning/ soldering tips, plus some fun stencils to try out. The burner itself also heats up in just 15 seconds and features a temperature switch that adjusts between a range of 200-400C. For peace of mind, Drtulz has even included a twelve-month warranty.

The main disadvantage however, was that the temperature controls are positioned in an annoying spot that is easy to knock by accident whilst working. As well as this, the tips will need to cool down before you change them, as they become fragile at high temperatures. But, overall, Drtzul’z kit is a great option for beginners that want to try out different techniques or even soldering. For the price, you get a good selection of products so long as you’re delicate when handling the tips.


  • Heat adjustable – So you can perform different techniques.
  • Doubles up as a soldering gun, which is handy for DIY.
  • Come with extra tips – So you can produce different drawings and shading effects.


  • Temperature controls are easy to accidentally change whilst you work.
  • The tips get a little temperamental when very hot, so it’s best to let them completely cool before you swap them around.

Wall Lenk L101KB

Wall Lenk L101KB Woodworker-foots 10-in-1 Tool Kit

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Wall Lenk’s 10-in-1 Tool Kit is another affordable wood burner kit that features some quality equipment. In particular, we liked the fact that the burner itself can provide up to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit of burn, which is hot enough to work with very hardwoods. As well as this, the kit is versatile, including seven different burning tips and a soldering tip.

The pen itself feels comfortable to hold, thanks to Wall Lenk designing it nice and thick, with grooves for extra control as you draw. The only downside was that the wood burner takes a little while to heat up to its maximum temperature and that there isn’t an indicator to tell you when it’s up to temperature. That said, you can easily test it out on a spare piece of material before you start.

Overall, we’d recommend Wall-Lenk’s kit to anyone shopping on a budget that wants to draw on hardwoods. The wood burner can get seriously hot, so it is capable of making its mark without you having to apply too much force.


  • Provides high temperatures – This is good if you’re going to work on hardwoods.
  • Ergonomic design – There are handle grooves and a thick pen shaft to make drawing comfortable.
  • Versatile – Can be used as a soldering iron or as a wood burner.


  • Takes a bit of time to heat up to its maximum temperature.
  • No temperature indicator – So you don’t know when the wood burner has reached its maximum temperature.

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool with Variable Temperature Control for Woodburning, 11 Points (Tips), Original Version, Basic Pack

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Walnut Hollow’s Creative Versa Tool is selling for an affordable price considering the quality equipment you get included. The wood burner’s best aspect has to be its ergonomic handle and heat shield protection, which means you can draw comfortably for long periods of time. As well as this, we liked the fact that the kit comes with eleven different interchangeable tips, including a solder nib.

Walnut Hollow have designed their wood burner to reach a maximum of 950 degrees Fahrenheit and to use a temperature control, so you can dial in the exact heat setting you need to work with different materials. The downside however, is that the control system weighs more than the pyrography pen, so you find the device gets pulled down and knocked about whilst you work. That said, you could easily tape the temperature controls down, to prevent the pen from moving about.

In summary, we’d recommend the Creative Versa Tool kit to anyone shopping on a budget that needs a wood burner that is comfortable to use for long durations of time. You get a decent range of extra tips too, so you’ll have plenty of styling ideas to explore.


  • Ergonomic design – The pen is heat protected and comfortable to hold.
  • Temperature control – This allows you to work with different materials.
  • Versatile – There are eleven different tips included, so you’ll be able to create different designs.


  • Temperature controls weigh down the wood burner, so you’ll need to secure them to something.
  • Tips need to cool before you take them out to avoid damaging the wood burner.

TRUArt (Stage 1)

TRUArt Wood Burning Leather Pyrography Pen - Best Woodburning Crafts Tool Kit Set - Comes with 21 Different Tips - Dual Power Mode - 30W and 15W, Gourd

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TRUArt’s Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen kit is selling for a mid-range price and includes some quality products. In particular, we like that the pen has two preset power modes, 15W for leatherwork and 30W for wood burning. As well as this, the equipment seems to heat up pretty quickly, which makes the whole creative experience more convenient.

Another great addition is the wide range of tip patterns that come with the kit. In total, there are 21 interchangeable nibs, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to drawing, shading, and designing patterns. TRUArt have even included a set of fun stencils and a replacement pen guarantee if the equipment gets damaged during use. The downside was that the pyrography pen is a little uncomfortable to hold, seeing as it’s larger than most designs and offers little grip. That said, it could actually benefit folks with wider handspans.

In summary, we’d recommend this kit to beginners that want a diverse wood burner to use with leather and wood. Just remember, you might find the handle a little clumsy unless you’ve got a larger handspan.


  • Dual power modes – One works best with leather, the other is for wood.
  • 21 different tips, so you can create patterns, fine detail, and shade gradients.
  • Stencils included – So even beginners are able to draw from the get-go.


  • Large handle without much grip -This is uncomfortable unless you’ve got a wide handspan.
  • Cord doesn’t provide much strain relief and becomes loose over time.

TRUArt (Stage 2)

TRUArt (Stage 2) Single Pen Professional Woodburning Detailer 60W Tool with Digital Temperature Control, 40 Tips, Case

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Next up is our premium choice, TRUArt’s Professional Woodburning Tool, but what makes it worth the extra cost? Well, the best aspect has to be its power. This pyrography pen kicks out 60W very quickly and can have its temperature adjusted to precisely how you like it.

As well as this, the handpiece is lightweight and small, which makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time. When you hold the pen, the space between your hand and material is also minimal, making it easier to draw intricate detail, without running the risk of burning your fingers.

For your dollar, you also get forty different tips, so you’ll have a diverse array of equipment to get creative with. Just remember to let them cool down before you change them to avoid damaging the threads! The only disadvantage we should mention is that the cord is quite short, so it might not provide enough length unless you use a plug extension.

Overall, TRUArt’s Professional Woodburning Tool is best suited to experienced pyrographers that need complete versatility, comfort, and control whilst they work. Just make sure you’ve got enough money saved up before you order this kit, as it’s a little pricey.


  • Powerful – Provides up to 60W of power and features temperature control for precision drawing.
  • Ergonomic design – The pen is comfortable to hold and provides extra control whilst you work.
  • Versatile – TRUArt’s kit comes with forty different, interchangeable tips to meet all your creative needs.


  • Short cord – This isn’t too much of a problem if you’ve got a plug extension.
  • Pricey – All this quality doesn’t come cheap, so make sure you’ve got enough saved up before you buy the kit.

Burnmaster HAWK

Burnmaster HAWK single port woodburner PACKAGE - burner + pen + tips (110V)

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Burnmaster’s kit is selling for a high price but includes some quality equipment for all that dollar. The best aspect is the huge 130W of power the pyrography pen can kick out. That said, there’s also a variable power control system, so you can set it to work with different materials as well as hardwoods.

Another great feature is the quality of tips that are included. There are ten in total, all of which are constructed from advanced alloy wire and copper, for optimum electrical conductivity. A screwdriver also comes with the set, which is used to secure the tips in place with screws. The whole kit comes with a three-year warranty, so you can be assured the pen is built to last.

The disadvantage is that the wood burner is pretty thick and the rubber grip moves a little whilst you work. Not only is this annoying, but it can also affect your drawing control. As well as this, the screwdriver doesn’t always fit the screws perfectly and can damage them if you apply too much pressure.

In summary, Burnmaster’s kit is a great option for anyone that wants to work with a variety of materials. The temperature control is very precise and the tips are high-quality, making it worth the extra dollar.


  • Powerful – Can produce 130W of power to provide plenty of heat.
  • Variable temperature control – This is great for artists that need to work with different materials.
  • Quality tips – The nibs are made from alloy and copper for optimum conduction.


  • Screwdriver that comes with the set doesn’t fit the tip screws too well.
  • Pen is thick and the rubber handle sometimes moves up the pen as you draw.


[UL Listed] Wood Burning Kit, Wood Burning Pyrography Pen Kit Tool with Adjustable Temperature Control/Carving/Embossing/Soldering Tips + Stencil + Carving Knife + Stand + Carrying Case

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Next up is Tamehom’s affordable Wood Burning Kit, which comes with some great technology considering the low cost. Our favorite aspect is the adjustable temperature switch, which lets you work at either 400 or 800 degrees Fahrenheit, with a quick, 40 second warm up time. Another great feature is the heat protection shield and sculpted pen handle, which makes the device comfortable to hold.

Within the kit you get ten various wood burning and soldering tips, as well as nine embossing tips, making this pyrography pen pretty diverse in application. That said the manufacturers have even included a stencil set, so beginners will be able to start drawing from the get-go. The downside was that the pen seems to cool down occasionally, which can affect your artwork. We’d also advise you to take care when you change the tips as they can break if you try to remove them at high temperatures.

Overall, we’d recommend Tamehom’s kit to folks that want a diverse kit to practice wood burning and soldering with. Just remember to be patient when you change the tips to reduce the risk of snapping them.


  • Affordable – This set will not break your bank balance.
  • Temperature control switch – So you can work at either 400 or 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 40-second heat-up time for convenience.


  • Tips are not durable and snap easily if you try to remove them whilst they’re hot.
  • Pen seems to cool down after using the high-temperature setting for long durations.

Jian Ya Na

60W 110V Wood Burning Tool Adjustable Pyrography Machine Gourd Crafts Wood Burning Kits Electric Iron Professional Pyrography Tool with 20 pcs Pyrography Tips (Pointer Display, Double Socket Dual Pen)

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Next up is Jian Ya Na’s Wood Burning Tool which is selling for a medium-high price tag. The best aspect here has to be the digital voltage control system, which lets the artist dial in their exact temperature preference to work with. The heat-up time is also impressive, taking just three seconds to reach your chosen temperature and fifteen seconds to cool down the wire nibs.

Another great feature is the pen’s small build and grippy material, which allows for precision drawing. There’s also a screw locking mechanism, for a secure connection between the tips and the wood burner. In total, you get twenty different wire tips, which ensures you can perform a variety of creative techniques.

The downside is that the pen gets very hot if you hold it too close to the nib, which can make it hard to work with. That said, if you practice holding the device farther up, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In summary, we’d recommend Jian Ya Na’s Wood Burning kit to more experienced pyrographers that want something that heats up quickly to work with. This equipment is fully capable of working precisely with a variety of materials, so it’s well worth the extra dollar.


  • Digital power control – This allows you to dial in the exact heat setting you need.
  • Heats up and cools down incredibly fast for your convenience.
  • Pen is small and nimble, which makes it easier to draw intricate patterns.


  • Can feel uncomfortably hot if you hold the wood burner too close to the nibs.
  • Digital power supply is quite bulky to carry around.

Colwood Super Pro II

Colwood Super Pro II Woodburning KIt

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Colwood’s Super Pro II kit is selling for a mid-range price and features some cool equipment. In particular, we thought the additional pen and holder was a great idea, as it allows the artist to have another device set up and ready to use without having to wait for your equipment to cool. Another bonus is the replaceable handle system and the three tips that come with the kit. One is rounded and the other two are angled, so that you can perform shading, writing, and detailed sections with ease.

The temperature control system is variable, plus the manufacturers have included a ‘detail’ and ‘heavy-duty’ switch so that you can set the power to meet your exact needs. The disadvantage of Colwood’s kit is that although the pen is small and easy to maneuver, the cork grip gets noticeably hot when you draw with the high-temperature setting. But that said, it only takes about 60 seconds to cool down.

Overall, we’d recommend Colwood’s kit to anyone that needs to work with different setups frequently. The option of having two pens ready to go is really convenient when it comes to using different styles of drawing.


  • Dual pen set up – So you can have two separate wood burners ready to go at any time.
  • Replaceable cork handles – This is handy when they eventually wear down.
  • Precision temperature controls – Colwood have included a ‘detail’ and ‘heavy-duty’ mode to meet your creative needs.


  • Cork handles get pretty hot when you use a temperature setting above 7.
  • Kit only includes three different nibs.

Intlmate 54 PCS

Wood Burning Kit Woodburning Tool with Soldering Iron INTLMATE 54 PCS Woodburner Temperature Adjustable with Soldering Iron Set Pyrography Wood Burning Pen,Embossing/Carving/Soldering Tips+16 Stencils

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Intlmate’s Wood Burning Kit is our best budget option, thanks to the variety of accessories you get with it. In total, there are 27 different tips for soldering or wood burning so you get loads to play around with considering the low cost. The pyrography pen itself can kick out up to 60W of power and has a temperature control system that allows you to change between 200C and 450C.

In terms of design, the pen is thin and lightweight, with a textured handle for extra control and precision. The manufacturers have also included 16 different stencils, so you’ll be able to try out a design straight away.

The downside is that the wood burner gets really hot around the handle so you might need to wrap another layer of material over it for comfort. As well as this, the temperature seems to drop if you use it for long durations, so it’s best to give the pen a break every so often.

Overall, Intlmate’s design is a great option for any beginners out there that want to get familiar with a variety of drawing styles. There are so many tips and stencils included, you’ll be entertained for hours, just be prepared to spend a bit of time learning all these new techniques.


  • Versatile – There are 27 different tips included, which can be used for soldering and wood burning.
  • Affordable – This kit won’t break your bank balance.
  • Temperature control system – This helps work with different materials.


  • Handle gets uncomfortably hot if you use the high-temperature setting.
  • Pen can lose temperature if you use it for a long time.
  • Doesn’t come with instructions that tell you how to use every tip.


Chandler Tool Wood Burning Kit - 30 Watt - Pyrography Woodburner with Solid Brass Tips - For Woodburning Leather Burning Soldering DIY

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Chandler’s Wood Burning Kit is another affordable option that comes with some quality equipment considering the low price tag. The best feature has to be the heat the pen produces, which can reach temperatures up to 600C fairly quickly. The pyrography unit can also double up as a soldering tip, which is handy when you need one at home. The body is well-designed, with a heat protected, high-grip handle and a thin shape, so you can draw with detail and precision. As well as this, the chord is six foot long, so you get plenty of room to work with!

The downside is that the finer tips that come with the kit seem a little flimsy and a few broke or became a little dull after using them a couple of times. That said, you could always purchase a different set of nibs if you want some extra-durable options. In summary, we’d recommend Chandler’s kit to anyone that is shopping on a budget and needs a simple pyrography pen without the hassle of a temperature control. Just remember to be delicate when you draw with the finer tips to prevent them from being damaged.


  • Affordable – This kit is one of the most low-cost options available.
  • Soldering option – This is handy if you like to do DIY at home.
  • Comfortable to handle for long durations of time.


  • Fine tips are not so durable and break easily if you apply too much pressure.
  • No temperature control – So you have to be more aware of the amount of force you use to draw.

So, Which Should I Pick?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wood burning tool, there’s no right or wrong option. It depends entirely on what you need as an artist.

For example, if you’re a complete beginner a kit that offers a decent selection of tips and some stencils would be a good option. We recommend Intlmate’s Wood Burning Kit which is low-cost and features a temperature control system to work with different materials.

Once you’ve got to know your preferences and are looking for a professional pyrography kit, you’d do well trying out TRUArt’s Stage 2 Professional Wood Burning Kit. This comes with forty, durable tips and the pen is really comfortable to work with.

Happy burning!