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Best Wood Lathe Chuck – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you’re in the need of a new wood lathe chuck, you’ve come to the right place. If you have no idea what a chuck is, you’re also in the right place. Read ahead for some bite size pieces of tips, help, information and everyone’s favorite part; my picks for the best wood lathe chucks around!

Err, what’s a chuck?

A mix between a chicken and a duck? Sounds tasty, but no. A chuck in woodworking terms is a device which grips onto the wood you are using on the lathe. This allows you to not use any screws which can cause unsightly marks on your brand spanking new project.

Do I Need One?

Well, not in the grand scheme of things, no. You can use other means to keep the wood in place, but considering the price of a chuck, they will make your life a hell of a lot easier.


  • Turning bowls can be a rough affair. Chucks grip the wood to stop any unnecessary movement.
  • Efficient use of time. Chucks just make the job easier, it takes time to screw things in, or keep checking to see if the wood is in place.
  • A chuck allows access to all sides of the project to be held. Interiors can be hollowed first, then the outer edges polished.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Wood Lathe Chuck On the Market

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Buyer’s Tips: What you need to know when buying the best wood lathe chuck

  • There are several types of chucks and loads of accessories you can buy. It can get overwhelming for anyone who hasn’t looked into buying one before. The most popular type of chuck is the self centering scroll chuck. It can be used with a majority of wood lathes and the various projects you may undertake. It has an interchangeable thread, for the various jaws you wish to place.  
  • ​You can buy 1, 3 and 4 inch jaws to place on the chuck, depending on how big of a project you’re undertaking. 
  • Budget chucks, called collets, can be bought for half the price on regular chucks. However these have to be dismantled and reassembled when changing from interior to exterior work.

Ready to get a look at a chuck? Here are my picks for the best wood lathe chucks on the market!

Best Wood Lathe Chuck

PSI Barracuda

PSI Woodworking CSC3000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Key Chuck System

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This is a handy wood lathe chuck system, useful for beginners getting into woodworking, or hobbyists needing a good kit. The Barracuda set comes with four self centering jaw sets, which can hold round and square stock. A step jaw for dowels, round jaw for dowels and pin jaws. These can all be fitted into nicely with the good old screw chuck included.

To be honest, the chuck is pretty standard in this set, it’s the accessories that are worth the money. You could pay the same price for an awesome chuck, only to have to shell out more to get the necessary jaws you need. This system is an all in one purchase which will suit most woodworkers.


NOVA 48111 1-Inch 8TPI Direct Thread Precision Midi Wood Turning Chuck

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Included with the NOVA set is a precision midi 1” 8-TPI Direct thread chuck. There is a set of 2” jaws, a safe lock woodworm screw, 2 levels and a storage box. Not as much in the kit as the Barracuda, but this is much cheaper. The small design of the chuck allows the load on spindles to be minimised; a boon for anyone worried about their machine getting overworked.

This chuck is designed for making smaller projects. The 2 lever operation allows for fast action, great for high quantity smaller pieces. This chuck can also work with most NOVA accessories.


Delta Industrial 46-461 Reversible Nova G3-D Woodturning Chuck

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The Delta Industrial chuck is made to last. It has auto-stop jaws which inhibit the clamping range from getting too wide. This makes sure the wood is properly secured, allowing your projects to be safe from damage. An exclusive Delta feature is the anti-release spindle lock; this ensures the chuck stays attached to the wood lathe during all applications.

The Delta is a quality item that is recommended to professional woodworkers who need their projects to come out looking pristine. The chuck is made from durable materials, ensuring it will last a good while.



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This chuck requires a threaded body insert to fit into your lathe. The size of the chuck is 3 ⅞”. It has excellent gripping power and can be tightened using only one hand. The body of the chuck is nickel plated, with the machine being steel. This chuck is designed to be used with heavy duty projects that have to be rough handled. It has a large, easy to grip handle which ensures almost anyone can operate the chuck.

The kit comes with a 50mm jaw set, a T-bar, Allen wrenches, woodworm screw and manual. Price isn’t that bad considering this is a heavy duty item.


Grizzly Industrial H8038-5' 3-Jaw Wood Chuck - 1' x 8 TPI

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The Grizzly chuck is a low priced item, recommended for beginners getting to grips with chucks and those on lower budgets. The synchronised jaws tighten at the same time and are self centering. The set includes tightening wrenches. The chuck itself has 3 jaws.

What should I chuck in my shopping basket?

Chucking in the highest priced option, just for the sake of it, is a daft choice. Sadly, it’s what a lot of people do. Choosing the chuck which is right for you is the best option all round. Have you just started using chucks, or need something low priced? Go for the Grizzly for a simple chuck you can get to grips with. Do you use large pieces of timber that require tough work? Buy the Teknatool.

My overall pick for the best wood lathe chuck goes to the Delta. It’s a high quality item which will last most woodworkers a long time. I particularly like the auto-stop jaws, as over tightening is the bane of woodworkers everywhere. It’s a nifty chuck which, for the price, is a great overall product.

Kara Mars