Best Crayons For Adults In 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Oh come on, who can honestly say they have sat next to a box of crayons and not started doodling? That’s right, nobody. If you’re one of the millions of adults around the world who can’t help coloring in; you’re in the right place.

Here I will give some hints about why crayons are pretty awesome and my picks for some of the best you can buy. 

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Crayons For Adults On the Market

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Buyer's Tips: What you need to know when buying the best crayons for adults


Maybe you’re a big kid. You may want to relive a bit of your childhood. Or you just get fed up of sharing crayons with your toddler. It doesn’t matter the reason, crayons are for everyone.

Stress relief! Adult coloring has become the new hobby to relax from the pressures of the 21st century. So, buy some crayons, get a coloring book, brew a coffee and sit down ready to relax.

What to buy?

Can you buy the same as your four year old? Why not? If they can color in Queen Elsa, why can’t you color in your masterpiece. As a fully fledged adult, you may be able to splash out on crayons a little more special. You can buy crayons that are gel like, glitter crayons, crayons that blend.

Yes. There are a few more options out there for adults. What to buy is all about personal preference. 

Phew! Now I’ve chatted a bit; here’s my picks for the 5 best crayons for adults!

Best Crayons For Adults

1. Faber Castell Crayons

Adult Coloring Crayon Collection

This lovely adult crayon set includes crayons which are highly pigmented. When coloring in, the crayons do not leave a waxy residue; which is often found in cheaper sets. They have a waterproof finish which allows the use of mixing with watercolor paints or pencils.

These crayons are perfect for those crafters who use multiple tools in their art. 

  • ​Well known brand
  • No waxy residue
  • Comes with a sharpener in set

  • ​Above average price
  • Not as many crayons as in other sets

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2. Crayola Crayons

Crayola Box of Crayons Non-Toxic Color Coloring School Supplies, 24 Count, 3 Pack (52-0024-3)

I could never create a list of my favorite crayons without including good old Crayola. They are the most popular crayon and for good reason. Yes, they may be the favorite for kids, but they can do the job for adults too.

This is also an extremely cheap option; one of the lowest prices on the list for 24 crayons. 

  • ​​Extremely well known brand
  • Good, cheap price
  • Great for kids and adults alike

  • ​Not as well lasting as others on the list
  • Waxy residue

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3. Ooly Color Crayons

Ooly Color Appeel Crayon Sticks - Set of 12 Peelable Colors

This bright, rainbow colored set of crayons is perfect for any adult wanting to smile. This set of 12 crayons is reasonably priced. They each have a pull string and peel mechanism to expose the crayon; no sharpener needed.

The wax may not be as good quality as the Faber-Castells, but it is much cheaper.

  • ​​​Brightly colored
  • Good price

  • ​Average quality
  • Average number of crayons

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4. US Art Supply Mega Set

US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art, Painting & Drawing Set That Contains All The Additional Supplies You Need to get Started.

So, this is for the more serious adult crafter. This awesome set comes with over 100 pieces to get you kitted out for coloring in and artistry. There are 60 wax crayons included, making this a great deal considering they are of good quality.

Oil pastels, pencils, watercolors, brushes, sketch pads. Wow, this is definitely the item to buy if you have a little extra money to get yourself everything in one go!

  • ​​​​Loads of stuff!
  • Good quality wax crayons
  • Great wooden box to keep everything stored safely

  • ​​Expensive
  • Might not need all this if you are a beginner

Let's take a look at this product...​​​5. Caran D’Ache Neocolors

Caran d'Ache Classic Neocolor II Water-Soluble Pastels, 15 Colors

This set of 15 water soluble pastel crayons will make any adult smug. For decades, this brand has been helping professionals to add luminous color to their works.

These crayons can be used on dry or wet materials to add extra effects. They can also be used on materials such as paper, glass, cardboard and panels. They are slightly more expensive than others on the list, but their high quality makes up for the extra pennies. 

  • ​Excellent quality
  • Good range of colors
  • Can be used on a wide variety of materials

  • ​​​Expensive
  • Maybe not for beginners

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Which Crayon is Best for ME?

If only we could all be like three year olds; just happy to grab any old crayon. Alas, adults are more fickle. The cost plays a big part in many people’s choice. If you want a cheap set, nothing special; I would go for good old Crayola. If you have the money to really splash out; go for the MegaSet.

My overall winner for the best crayons for adults has to go to the Faber-Castell crayons. They aren’t super expensive, but they are special enough not to share with your kids. The quality is good, the wax coats paper nicely and you get a decent amount of crayons. 

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