Best Inking Pens For Comics – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Are you a budding illustrator? Ready to become the next Tony Moore of The Walking Dead fame? Well, look no further; read on to find some of the best inking pens for comics you can buy.

The equipment you use when drawing is essential, not just any old pen or paper will do! Here I will put out some great recommendations, some useful tips and my overall favorite for best pen.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Inking Pens For Comics On the Market

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Buyer’s Tips: What you need to know when buying the best inking pen for comics

Can’t I just use a normal pen?

No, don’t be daft. Well, ok you could; but it wouldn’t be very good. If you really are strapped for cash, there are some great budget pens about. There are a few reasons to let go of hard-earned money to splash out on a new pen. Here’s some now:

1. Normal pens often don’t have the ink quality needed for comic drawing

2. Specialist inking pens can blend, brush and are made for several drawing techniques

3. You need crisp lines. You need bold lines. A normal pen just can’t handle the power for comic drawing!

Have I got you convinced? Awesome, now read ahead for some ideas on which inking pen to buy!

Best Inking Pen For Comics

1. Prismacolor Premier

Prismacolor 1738862 Premier Illustration Markers, Assorted Tips, Black, 7-Count

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As in the name, the Prismacolor are a premier brand used by a fair few artists. You can end up paying a little more, but the quality is there. The chisel tip guides experienced artists into creating thick and thin lines with ease. You can pay a lot more for certain sets as the brand is renowned for creating high quality ink.


  • Excellent brand
  • Quality ink
  • Varied line thickness is beautiful when used correctly


  • ​Can be expensive
  • Chisel tip is harder for beginners to get used to

2. Copic Multiliners

Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking Pen Set B-2, Black (MLB2)

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Everyone has heard of Copic. One of the big brands of pen makers. This nine piece set is all black but has an excellent quality ink. The nibs on each pen are fantastic and easy to manage for professionals and beginners alike. It might seem like a lot of money for nine similar pens, but they will last!


  • ​Great brand
  • Quality ink and nibs
  • Lasting quality


  • Bit pricey
  • No difference in color

3. Zebra brush pen

Zebra brush pen brush sign fine print P-WF1 (1)

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This is a singular pen which is fine point only. It’s great price allows it to be the perfect choice for beginners. If you’re just starting out on your comic drawing adventure, the Zebra is the one for you. On the other side, professionals will love the fine point for outlining.


  • ​Great price
  • Single pen allows beginners to get to grips with inking
  • Average quality ink


  • ​Average quality ink
  • Only one pen
  • More useful for beginners (this can be a pro as well)

4. Pilot G2 pen

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens Fine Point Black Ink Dozen Box (31020)

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The G2 pen is a premium gel roller pen. The cost might shock some considering there is only one pen in the set. However, this is the choice pen for those with higher budgets. Inking pens for comics need high quality ink, which the Pilot definitely has.


  • ​Pilot is a well known brand
  • Quality roller pen
  • Perfect for outlines of comic drawing


  • ​Higher budget needed
  • Only one pen

5. Tombow

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set, 9 Pastel Colors Plus Brush Pen, 10 Piece Set (56146)

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I just love the sound of this one. This neat little set comes with nine pens of pastel colors. This is mainly a brush technique set. Those wishing for comic drawing where blending is important; this is the set for you. Professionals often need blending pens to show differing shades. The Tombow set is perfect for faces and skin tones.


  • ​Quality ink
  • Great for blending
  • Pastel colors, one for those wishing to draw faces


  • ​Expensive for nine pens
  • Technique may be hard for beginners
  • Used primarily for blending

Ok, ok, so what should I buy???

Argh, it’s completely up to you! Sorry, but that’s the truth. There is not one simple pen that will suit all comic book artists. You need to figure out what kind of budget you have. Are you just starting out and need a cheap pen to practise with? Have you just been commissioned for work and need a professional pen to set up your images? Lower budgets: Zebra brush pen. This is the best pen for those who can only afford the cheaper option.

Beginners and Improvers: Prismacolor. A great brand. You pay a little more but it really is the best option for those wanting some variety and a great quality ink.

Advanced: Tombow. For something a bit different, try the Tombow. The pastel colors are the perfect choice for those wishing to test their mettle with faces. Plus, the blending technique is great for inkers wishing to increase their skillbase. Overall, my winner for the best inking pen for comics has to be the Copics. Yes, they are the more expensive option (sorry!). But the lasting quality of the ink and nibs can make your drawings come to life!

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Featured Image Source: Kreg Steppe / CC BY-SA 2.0

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