Best Bead Storage System – Buyer’s Guide

Any crafter out there who uses beads in their hobby can understand the frustration and horror of losing beads! Having a storage system is a fundamental purchase for a few reasons I will explain in this post.

Confused about which one to buy? Keep on reading and I will give you my picks for the 5 best bead storage systems out there.

At a Glance: Our Choice of the 5 Best Bead Storage Systems On the Market

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Buyer’s Tips: What you need to know when buying the best bead storage systems


Never used beads in crafting before? These are the reasons why a bead storage system is one of the best products for your home or crafting shed!

  • Easy clean up- Finished working with beads and there are dozens of tiny little balls surrounding your table? Having a storage system allows you to easily clean up the beads into their own containers instead of stuffing them into drawers or bags
  • Save space- Beads….can go everywhere! They are small little devils that can take up a lot of room without knowing it. Having a designated space to clean up the monsters will save space in the long run
  • Designation- Labelling boxes or having transparent storage will allow you to spend less time searching for beads and more time doing what you love, crafting!

Are you starting to think you need this in your life? Well luckily for you, here are my picks for the 5 best bead storage systems!

5 Best Bead Storage Systems

1. Darice Bead Storage

Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions: 45-Piece Assorted Storage Tray - Bead Organizer with 42 Containers of Various Sizes, a Tray and Lid for Beads and More

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This storage system is made by the well known Elizabeth Ward brand. This is a one tray system with 45 separate sections of various sizes. This allows for a systematic storage of small to larger sized beads. It has a clear lid and a snap shut design. This is perfect for those crafters who have a smaller amount of beads and not much room in the house.


  • One tray
  • 45 sections
  • Snap shut lid


  • Expensive
  • Only good for those with not many beads

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2. Aketek

Aketek 15 Grids Clear Adjustable Jewelry Bead Organizer Box Storage Container Case (15 Grids)6.8x3.9x0.68inch

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This is the budget option for any crafters out there needing a storage system but need a lower price. Extremely cheap, this is a clear organisation box with 15 separate, equal sized sections. Made from plastic with a small snap shut lid, this is a nice storage system for someone without too many beads needing a cheap fix.


  • Very cheap
  • Clear case
  • 15 sections


  • Only 15 sections
  • Material quality might not be as good as the more expensive choices

3. Bead Tube Tower

Bead Tube Tower (Holds Round Tubes) Black - BTW1 by Beadsmith

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Here is the behemoth of bead storage systems. The tower stands upright or can lay flat depending on user’s choice. It can hold up to 138 small tubes of beads or 69 large tubes or a combination of the two. This folds up for easy storage. It also includes a clear zippered pouch for portable needs. The perfect choice for the crafter on the move!


  • Very good price for the amount it holds
  • Combination of small and large tubes
  • Portability


  • Can be hard to find particular beads as there is so much storage!
  • A bit big, can be a pain to move around

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4. Creative Options Grab N’ Go

Creative Options 1363-85 Grab N' Go Rack System with Two No.2-3630 Deep Pro-Latch Organizers and One No.2-3650 Organizer, Magenta/Sparkle Gray

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This is another portable option with a deceptive amount of storage space. It is a rack system with adjustable compartments, suitable for beads, sewing and all kinds of crafting accessories. The pro-latch locking system gives the Grab N’ Go extra security, you know this isn’t going to break or open on mistake!


  • A good amount of storage space
  • Locking system
  • Portable


  • Expensive
  • Not as much storage as the Tower

Let’s take a look at this product…

5. Cottage Mills DotBox

DotBox Large Set 95 pc from Cottage Mills. 94 storage boxes in a carrying case. It's the ultimate small item storage system. Perfect for bead, jewelry, craft and small part storage.

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The DotBox is the most expensive pick on the list but for a good reason. The large box comprises of 94 inner boxes of various sizes. All the inner boxes have flip lids while the outer case has dots on to keep the boxes in place. There are smaller sets available if your budget is in the lower region.


  • Excellent amount of storage
  • Clear boxes for easy location of beads
  • Handle for portability


  • Expensive
  • If the dots don’t hold up…you have a lot of boxes and beads to clear up

So what are the best bead storage systems?

Anyone interested in the art of crafts will have no doubt come across beads at some point in their hobby. Buying a storage system is an important purchase to keep your sanity and your home clear. Choosing which one to buy is completely dependent on how many beads you actually have. The DotBox is amazing if you have lot of different beads of sizes and need a portable storage system, but you will need a higher budget. If you have a low amount of beads and need a cheap option, the Aketek is for you.

Overall my winner of the best bead storage systems has to go to the Creative Grab N’ Go. Its portable, has a good amount of storage and is built from quality material. It is slightly expensive but will make any crafter happy for many years.​

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