11 Pottery Display Ideas to Make Your Ceramics Pop

After you get the hang of your ceramic hobby, you may want to display your new pottery. There are many inventive, gorgeous ways you can show off your collection. The best option for you may depend on:

  • How / if you want to preserve the pieces
  • What ceramics you plan to display (including their color, shape, and size)
  • The area(s) available in your home for the arrangement

Styling the display may also come down to your taste. So, we’ve created the following list of beautiful pottery display ideas to help you find the best way to stylishly show off your creations.

1. Show Off Ceramics in a Vintage Dresser

pottery on dresser

You can display ceramics and crockery in a variety of interesting and creative ways. If you have enough room near your kitchen or dining area, a vintage dresser or china cabinet is the best way to exhibit ceramic plates and bowls.

Plate stands can help you showcase the design on your favorite pieces and add a layer of depth to the display so you can add smaller mugs and bowls along the front.

Color and pattern-wise, this display idea looks best with simple ceramics and light or natural colors. You can use a variety of ceramics as the center of your collection, but you don’t want to overwhelm viewers with too many patterns.

The dresser itself should be either a cupboard style or a traditional vintage dresser, both of which come with their own antique English charm. Or, you could attempt a popular country cottage appeal with floral plates and antique jars. Or even try upcycling one to be super hip.

2. Hang Plates Directly on the Wall

pottery hanging on a wall

Sure, many people use cupboards and shelving for their kitchen ceramics. But have you ever considered hanging the plates directly on the kitchen wall to create an alternative display?

Hanging plates directly on the wall is a great way to show off the ceramic as if it were artwork. Use plates with similar colors and space them evenly apart for an eye-catching design. For the best results and a stand-out display, use contrasting designs and hang the plates in a wave formation rather than a straight line.

3. Use an Ornate Fireplace for Smaller Ceramics

ornate fireplace for pottery

Smaller collections of ceramic figures are stunning on an ornate fireplace or mantelpiece. The location is a great place to showcase your favorite pieces for all your guests to see. Vintage fireplaces, such as from original Victorian homes, can create a striking focal point. They’re often in a formal sitting room, but you could place an ornate fireplace anywhere if it no longer works.

Line your favorite characters or figures on the top of the fireplace, and add in a few candles to make the character display more cheerful. Traditional fireplace design ideas often include a small ceramic display. If the fireplace is no longer functional, bring the large ceramic pieces into a focal point in the center as well.

4. Group Your Favorites in a Display

Group Your Favorite Pottery in a Display

Display pottery by grouping different pieces together, either based on style, color, or your favorites. Whatever your style, incorporate statement pieces from your collection for the best display. Use understated cabinets, shelves, glass display cases, or other furniture to help the collection stand out.

Where you place the display may vary, however. If your ceramics consist mainly of dishes, for example, a vintage kitchen cupboard may be ideal for your creations. Pottery collections in a cupboard take on a still life painting appearance and allow you to enjoy your unique and beautiful ceramics even when they’re not in use.

5. Form a Gallery Wall

Form a Gallery Wall

Decorative ceramic plates often pair well with wall decorations like posters and paintings. While you could simply line the combination in your display, hanging a mixture of pottery with prints in a gallery wall style is a stunning statement.

You can mix varying textures, colors, and patterns. For the best results, try to stick to a particular time period or color scheme. Add in a few old family photos for a vintage aesthetic, and don’t worry if the frames match. Hang the features evenly spaced from each other for a feeling of unity in your display wall. Limit yourself to a maximum of three colors, materials, or finishes to keep the collection cohesive.

There are many ways you can group the ceramics and prints to ensure they blend well. You can learn more about how to create a gallery wall at home from the New York Times before you start hammering nails into your wall. And if you rent, don’t worry! Command hooks allow you to hang your gallery wall without forming holes.

6. Create a Kitchenalia Feature

Create a Kitchenalia Feature

Many people today use an open shelf or cabinet concept to display kitchen-related ceramics. Some ideas are more creative than others, but with this type of display, there’s tons of room for creativity. The trick is to consider the backdrop.

Stack your vintage bowls and plates with ceramic glassware and pitchers. Mix and match colors for a cheerful display or stick with a color theme if you prefer. Layer a geometric wallpaper pattern in contrasting colors behind the collection for a fun backdrop. Or, you could paint the recessed area a different color to help your arrangement pop. Some people even use mirrors.

Don’t be afraid to also use white for your display. The feature doesn’t need to include bright shades for your kitchenalia ceramics to stand out. Ironstone pottery and white ceramics look gorgeous together with a timeless white backdrop as well.

7. Showcase Figures on a Bookcase

Showcase Figures on a Bookcase

Bookworms probably already decorate the bookshelf. With many ways to arrange your books, many people like to add in ceramic figures, pottery, and other knickknacks. McCoy pottery, in particular, is ideal for open shelves and bookcases. The visual impact is vintage, yet timeless.

Use a freestanding bookcase or line your wall with multiple cases. Bring in style with antique books in varying colors, sizes, and textures. Break up the books with ceramics, books in horizontal stacks, and space out sections or rows of books. Add ceramic characters, flowers, and other trinkets for points of interest.

You can also use larger ceramics, like large figurines or vases, as bookends. They add a burst of character or color to the shelves.

8. Display Your Favorite Kitchen Ceramics with Stands

Another way to display your favorite kitchen ceramics is to use plate stands. You can line them along an open-concept shelf or kitchen cabinet, or you can place them in vintage cupboard displays or really anywhere else. This practical idea involves displaying the kitchenalia ceramic pieces you use on a daily basis, keeping them readily on hand.

You can use plenty of collectibles in varying ways. Kitchenalia truly brings character to a vintage style kitchen. Open shelves are great for displaying and storing your everyday items as well, but the choice is yours.

9. Align Decorative Plates on Shelves

Decorative plates and other ceramics look awesome on shelves, which is why you probably see this idea the most. Open-concept shelving is popular today because it adds function and style to your kitchen. Stoneware pieces also appear stunning with rustic baskets and varying smaller ceramics for a traditional feel.

10. Line Tiles in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

You may think a bathroom is a strange place to display your favorite ceramics, but don’t overlook the space. Ceramic tiles are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, whether you include them in a pre-thought-out display or use the tiles as a backsplash.

Combine tiles with pottery or ceramics in a similar style or color scheme. Layer the tiles along your wall as a backsplash, use them to line your countertop, or decorate the wall with them as you see fit. Vintage tiles add flair to the bathroom.

However, because bathrooms tend to be highly moist, the collections of tiles you use in this room should be able to withstand humidity. Never use tiles with strong sentimental value for a function. Decorative tiles in the bathroom shouldn’t be expensive to buy, but should still showcase your style.

11. House a Flower Bouquet

House a Flower Bouquet

Pottery is equally beautiful when displayed alone rather than in a group. There’s no better way to create a seamless and gorgeous display with a single piece of pottery than using it as a flower vase. Fill the ceramic with water and use it to house a bouquet in the spring, when blooms are readily available from your garden.

If you’re using modern pottery vases already designed to house flowers, try combining vases in shades of cream and brown with contemporary oil paintings that have similar colors for a complete display.


Pottery is excellent for creating a strong visual impact in your home. You can create a grouping of collectibles or use your favorite handmade pieces to help your home look beautiful all year round with any of the above 11 ideas. How will you display your favorite ceramic creations?